Our core values are listed below. These guiding principles are intended to facilitate a positive can-do approach to working at 3Sixty.

D - We are determined to provide all employees with the opportunity to flourish whilst providing outstanding value for our customers. 3Sixty recognises the need for a sustainable work/life balance and understands that each individual has a unique set of family values

E – Working together we are committed to finding practical solutions for our staff and customers alike. We strive to achieve excellence within a safe working environment

R – All employees are encouraged to be reliable candid and truthful. To aspire to the highest standards of fairness and ethical behaviour

E – Each individuals enthusiasm for the day ahead shapes the blueprint for success. They will be empowered to find both practical & innovative solutions.

K – Everyone at 3Sixty will be given the opportunity to learn & improve every day. Increased knowledge will add value every step of the way.